Power and Leadership

Power motivation is often referred to the “reasons, intentions, and objectives that underline the use of power” (Swanson, Territo, Taylor, 2012).  Studies showed that the motivations of many leaders culminate into 3 categories (Swanson, Territo, Taylor, 2012) The first is a socialized power motivation, or high achievement motivation, which has leaders in law enforcing working/seeking to leave a positive impact on the department’s operations as well as administration (Swanson, Territo, Taylor, 2012).  The second motivation is called personal power needs, or a high power, which is basically the desire to be in control and the reasons for this motivation are often selfish (Swanson, Territo, Taylor, 2012). The final motivation is affiliation needs, which is a “desire to be liked and accepted” (Swanson, Territo, Taylor, 2012). This as a motivation is debatable as it puts a stronger forces on acceptance rather than impacting events (Swanson, Territo, Taylor, 2012).

Basically a Leadership Skill Mix is a breakdown of a law enforcing department and the skills associated with each level(Swanson, Territo, Taylor, 2012).  The three skills are: 1) human relations, which involve the capacity to interact/engage with other people and levels in a positive way, 2) conceptual, which is having the ability to understand ant to interrelate various parcels of information whether unrelated or not immediately necessary, and 3) technical skills (Swanson, Territo, Taylor, 2012). Technical skills tend to vary greatly depending on which level of the department is being looked at. The skills can include budgeting, management, planning and decision making (Swanson, Territo, Taylor, 2012).

There are three models to the decision making theory that are said to be the most basic in the majority of literature (Swanson, Territo, Taylor, 2012). Rational model revolves around the idea of economic initiatives; we must work harder to obtain the chance to make  more money(Swanson, Territo, Taylor, 2012) There are 3 assumptions regarding this model: 1) that a person has complete knowledge of all the alternatives available to him/her, 2) that a person has the ability to order preferences according to his/her hierarchy, and 3) that a person has the ability to choose the best alternative (Swanson, Territo, Taylor, 2012). The second mode is the incremental model, which actually a modification to the rational model (Swanson, Territo, Taylor, 2012).  This was due to Lindbolm citing that the limiting political factors involved in department administration prevented the model from being “rational,” but has the department take a “series of incremental steps” to ensure the safety of the department and the public (Swanson, Territo, Taylor, 2012). Thirdly, there is the heuristic model, or the “gut-level model,” where the “crucial element of humanism in decision making” comes into play (Swanson, Territo, Taylor, 2012). This approach has been criticized for its simplicity and being nonscientific, as it put a firm focus on emotion rather than logic and reasoning (Swanson, Territo, Taylor, 2012).

When making a decision regarding ethical issues, there are several steps that need to taken. First, an ethical issue has to recognize and acknowledged (Swanson, Territo, Taylor, 2012). When doing so decision makers look to see the possible damage to individuals as well as the community (Swanson, Territo, Taylor, 2012). The second step is to ensure the facts are checked; making sure that they are relevant to the problem at hand (Swanson, Territo, Taylor, 2012).  Next, the decision makers must decide if “individual or groups have an important stake in the outcome” (Swanson, Territo, Taylor, 2012).After evaluating the steps and everything involved, the decision makers then can act on their decision.

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Friday Blessings

Each week   I will  do a weekly blessing count. These will vary each week and we can’t restrict the Lord’s  goodness, though we can limit it. That however is a conversation for another time.

If we are honest, there are blessings abound all round us even the darkest of times. Now these rough times vary according to each individual person. For example, failing to obtain a valuable friendship may be one person’s dark time, and for another person it isn’t getting that much needed promotion. When we compare each others’ circumstances, we then grade each others’ issues and/or problems. This is when we weigh out people’s problems, deciding to deserves  more of our attention and prayers than others. The Lord doesn’t think or view things this way. He doesn’t look at the things that man looks at (physical appearance) but at the heart. He is near us when we are heartbroken and crushed in spirit. The situation causing the pain isn’t a factor to the Lord as long as we are crying out to him. Sure if it’s a sin issue, He will disciple us and guide us toward righteousness however He still hears us.

That. is. Awesome.

This week I experienced a rough patch which caused me to feel humiliated, embarrassed and pretty damn frustrated. To others it is not a major issue, but I am different from those people. I have to retake a course in college. Political Science. A great sense of pride exists in regards to my school work. Normally, my days begin with school work and end same way. I have been on the dean’s list several times for academic success, so retaking a course is downright devastating. Now comes my blessing.

My lovely beautiful wife. I’m sure people get annoyed of how much praise I give to my wife on this blog and on my Facebook. You’ll not receive an apology in regards to that. She is my constant blessing week after week. The encouragement she provides isn’t always verbal, but can the form of a picture, written notes and videos. Sometimes its a look, a touch or even prayer that I haven’t heard, but I know was prayed. My wife is my blessing.

The man who finds a wife finds a treasure, and he receives favor from the LORD.

Stay blessed my friends.

Verses used:

  • Proverbs 18:22
  • 1 Samuel 16: 7
  • Psalm 34:18

Remember Her Very Best

Her name was Monica.


There is a constant whirlwind of thoughts and memories in my head of this small fragile, yet adventurous lady. You couldn’t tell her age, well not physically. You see her chronological age didn’t agree with the age of her spirit.

She didn’t run, and barely walked, didn’t tell jokes and she was often quiet to herself just watching and enjoying the company of others. I have seen a vast number of people come and go, each falling head over heels for this little lady. To this moment I had to ask, what was it? What drew people to love this small, quiet, petite lady? Was it because she was easy to work with? Was it because she just enjoyed whatever occurred? Was it the minimal issues/behaviors this population normally had? The answer is actually two-fold.

Her smile and her laugh.

I quickly became acquainted with these two as I often was the subject of her laughs, and not for my dad joke style humor.  There was a love of slap stick humor in her heart; we would watch three stooges together and laugh together (though she hated my loud obnoxious laugh). However, it was before our stooge viewing where my wife and I learned of her love of slapstick. One of our first community outings with Monica was a simple trip to the park, where I (23 at the time) decided to swing my mass induced body on the monkey bar before my finger slipped. It was a 4 foot fall directly on my back, a fall I would never regret as I heard the most wonderful sound.


This wasn’t a giggle, or a quick ha-ha. I turned to see this small petite lady with a smile and a laugh that illuminated the event. She snorted, lost her breath at time, and continued laughing. With no exaggeration, Monica laughed for 30 minutes at what happened in due to my poor decision making. As the years progressed, I found Monica finding new reasons to laugh at my discomfort whether I was stubbing my toe or just being proven wrong by my wife. She loved it all.

Perhaps, that is what should be remembered. Not the circumstances surrounding her passing or the false sense of “failure” that many have pressed on themselves, but rather her smirk. The smirk that received countless compliments, the smirk that ended many bad days, and the smirk that lit up any room.

Her name is Monica and though her body ceases to exist, her smile and laugh will live on through each of our memories.dscn2347

Stay blessed my friends.

4 Years of…

As I sit with a blank surface before me, my mind ponders on the topic to cover this morning. Should I discuss the future Podcasts that I plan to conduct, or perhaps the importance of making good Christian movies, or maybe I should talk about my favorite video/board games? The mind isn’t a functional system so early in the morning.

Today is my anniversary.  4 years.


4 years ago, I said I do to my lovely wife. It was a quite profound moment, because it actually happened. I had always planned to be a young married man but it was hard visualize. Reason being, I am a dreamer. The dreams I have had include: Become a pro wrestler, be a world traveler, become a novelist,  play lead guitar or bass for a rock band, draw for either marvel or DC, and host a major youth ministry event….oh, and be married young.

Now, you can possibly understand why actually finding someone who loves me, or at least tolerates me, was such a profound thing. And it occurred, really apparent too, that this dream became a reality because I pursued it. Girls came and went. None of them, until my lovely bride, stayed or endured me.

What’s to endure with me?

Well, I am highly opinionated. Like bad. This is something I have come to the realization of and thus, have working vigorously on. My eyes have only seen black and white. Grey areas have been absent from my eyes, and now I am training them to see them. In my mind, things are either good or bad; very little middle ground.

For example, one of the first conversations with my bride while we were dating concerned the full house they had. It was itty bitty trailer for 7 people to be living in, and my bride graciously gave her room to her sister and brother in law and their 2 kids. She tried to explain the frustration sleeping on a sofa bed and how it hurt her back and such however all I heard was that she was helping someone in need and had complaints about it.

Are your complaining about helping someone?

This ran through my head. This is because I listen to her words and not her heart/what she meant. I then, made the worst bitter, insensitive statement a boyfriend could make.

“Why are you being selfish?”

Ladies, put down your pitchforks and torches for I was young and inexperienced in life. I only words and didn’t feel what was behind those words. Now after 4 years of marriage, I now look back and understand that conversation, and that my bride tried to bring out some frustrations out to someone she trusted and I broke her down.

This conversation still comes up, of course now it is more for hilarity. Looking back, I have said/did some ridiculous things (that is for another time though).  And the one thing I have learned more than anything else, at least in importance, is this:


This is why relationships fail; partners, whether lover or friends, do not communicate their wants and needs to each other. The biggest example in my marriage involves children. Prior to our wedding, my wife and I discussed a lot of things but children never entered that conversation. So the second week or so of our marriage it was discovered that my wife wanted children right away, while I wanted to wait. Let me tell you that this caused tensions and confusion for each of us. Because of our lack of communication, we each experienced frustration, anger, and some hurt in all of it.

Marriage is proving that it is tougher than it is assumed thanks to media, who displays marriage as butterflies and rainbows. There are arguments, disagreements, fights, emotional harm, and at times defeat. Though present, they aren’t victorious. We learn through scripture that Jesus needs to be the foundation for marriage and when not, it crumbles. These things will appear but Jesus will bring joy in the midst of it. There are times when I become so frustrated with my wife when we are in disagreement that I want to go far away, but yet when she needs and calls for me…I about outrun my own feet to reach her. That isn’t because of legal obligation but out of love.

I hold on the verse which says, “… he who finds a wife finds a good thing.” Truer words couldn’t ever be said or written. My wife brings out the best in me even when I bring out the worst in her.

Happy Anniversary my love


And to everyone else…stay blessed my friends.

A Dog Gone Lesson

Little known secret: I have a love of dogs, cat, chinchillas, and all sort of animals.

Okay, maybe it isn’t a secret as my Facebook, Instagram and twitter at times are flooded with pictures of my Nash.

Growing up in a small town (Bayou Chicot) in Louisiana, it was only odd to not own an animal; preferable dogs. My family wasn’t any exception, the love of dogs that must have been a hereditary trait. And, oh boy, did we ever express that love through a number of sources (breeds). However, my particular family hasn’t had a great track record when it came to animals. Every family dog we owned/raised, met a horrible fate.

Rebel (Rottweiler): Struck by truck

Girl (German Shepard): Ran away and hit by vehicle

Cochise (Catahoula mix): Parvo

Scooby (Rat Terrier Mix): Ran over by car

Max (Rat Terrier/Spaniel Mix): Ran over by Truck

AC (Rottweiler): Shot by Police Officer

Like I said, terrible track record. Those are also the ones I remember by name, there were others. We had a tendency to pick up any dog that needed help, they held a soft part in my dad’s heart. Eventually, this infected my own heart.

While my wife and I were engaged, she had rescued a small terrier-chihuahua that was just weeks old. I wasn’t too excited to hear about this, that’s just the truth. As much as I loved animals, we both worked a lot. Though I lived down the street, I was at my fiancee’s apartment quite frequently.

At one point, work had slowed down a lot and (after we were married)I spent a lot of my time at home with this wittle puppy. We named her Sophie, it seemed to fit.


I fell in love with this dog. I spent most of my time bonding with the pup and it showed; she was attached to me. My youth even knew this pup as they  spent tons of time playing and carrying her around.

One night, we came home from YEC (Youth Evangelism Conference/Celebration) and it was clear, Sophie was sick. Frighteningly sick. It was too late to do anything so I promised to take her into the vet the following morning while my wife was at work. And I did.


It is a disease that affects young dogs, if you recall Cochise suffered the same fate. There only one solution.

Put her to sleep.

The easiest and most heart shattering decision I ever made. This dog was already dead, but was taking much longer to meet her destination. As much as it ached me, I have to put her to sleep to make it as painless and easy as possible for her.

I cried, and cried and cried and cried. Did I mention that I cried? Not just tears, but with screams and plenty of snot bubbles. Yeah, get that image in. I was a mess in every understanding of the word. It devastated me that I lost this dog.


I wanted my dog healed, but it couldn’t happen.

It has been said that sin will break the heart of God. I disagree, what sin does to us breaks the heart of God. Through scripture we are constantly reminded of the compassion, love and interest that God has for each of us.


That often used word holds much more power than we give it credit for. This word means, that each of us (that means individually) hold a special place in His heart. In the same way, I would have done anything to bring healing to my Sophie, God did what ever it took to bring healing to us. Through some argue that the cross brings spiritual healing, I oppose that limited theory. Isaiah says that he was pierced and crushed for our sins and that by his scourging we are healed. Who are we to limit what God heals whether physical, emotional, or spiritual? Perhaps, just perhaps, He can do all of it.

Stay blessed my friends.



First Cooked Meal

On any given day, the best place in any home is in the kitchen. That is, unless you live alone and Domino’s is on speed dial.  Or at least it is to me. Memories flow through my head of my father cooking and the aroma that it provided for the home, such a pleasing sensation. As a kid who obviously ate past his fill, the kitchen was where the party was at.

Cooking is a rather important aspect in my family, perhaps in our culture. Down south, when people get together there is normally one person in charge of providing the meals for everyone. And more time than I can count, that is where the party revolves.

My father in law is someone who inspires me a lot…in the area of cooking. I wish the inspiration was in another area but it isn’t. I would often complain that his cooking would take too long until i learned it was his method, a crock pot method. It may take a long time but it is completely worth it. Heck, I even gave him the nickname Crock Pot.

Looking back, I have loved cooking. There were times where I made grilled chicken breast in a salad, eggs, and french toast. Of course, not in the same meal. Then one day I decided to take a risk, I was going to cook for my girlfriend at the time (who I know call my wife). Found a recipe for basil chicken online and became determined. When leaving work I was confident and scared. In a sense it was an important step for our relationship, after all her father told me I better learn to cook because his daughter didn’t cook.

We were at my grandmother’s house, everything was prepped, recipe was up on the screen, and my love was there with me. And I followed that recipe word for word. Let me repeat that.


The product was the most under-seasoned, bland pasta I had ever eaten. I hope it was all in my head, however my girlfriend, grandmother and cousin confirmed that plagued of a thought. My own chopping block.


Oh, I was angry, embarrassed and horrified that I produced something so terrible. I was sure that I would never cook that again. EVER AGAIN!

Every year for our anniversary, we have basil chicken for dinner. I follow my own recipe.

Now, comes the reader’s question: Why did I read all of this? or What’s the point of this.

Look at your past mistakes, and don’t see them as punishments but as lessons. Once we do that, we begin to have victory over those moments. The enemy will often haunt your mind with past sins or problems or even the simplest mistakes that are utterly minuscule and making them catastrophic. Luckily, we have a savior that is there to remind us that there is no account of those sins.

Isaiah 43:25

 “I–yes, I alone–will blot out your sins for my own sake and will never think of them again.

Grab hold of that, don’t let past sins or mistakes break you. If God isn’t looking at them, then why are we?

Stay blessed my friends.