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The Hero of Time

Okay, everyone who loves the Legend of Zelda throw your hands in the air. The Legend of Zelda series has given us some the greatest adventure as well as memories in the realm of video games. There aren’t many gamers in our society who haven’t heard of a Zelda game much less disliked it. In each game we follow the adventure of a young warrior named Link, who has saved the kingdom of Hyrule more times that God can count, and his quest that normally involve the Princess Zelda. With so much support and following the question of a film being made has been raised and was finally answered in 2009 when BMB produced a Legend of Zelda film.

A very little to no budget film which special effects from that 1930’s. Yes, the film was done by a bunch of fans that didn’t exactly have the finances to produce a multi-million dollar budget of a film but with what they have they succeed.

The Hero of Time (a title often given to the character Link) is a mild adaptation of the Ocarina of Time video game which is considered the best Zelda game of the series.  The film follows link’s quest to discover his identity after his dreams and nightmares of a captured princess as well to discover the princess exist and has dreams of a similar fashion. In the midst of this the evil sorcerer named Ganondorf who’s obsession to gain all three pieces of the triforce( in which he, link and princess Zelda all possess) seizes the castle and well, causes all hell to break lose.

As for a low budget film goes, this is the best I’ve seen. This is due to the fact it relies heavily on the story rather than mindless battle scenes that make no sense. Don’t get me wrong, there is action but you have to get through the first hour or so. The focus on the story is a real catch .22 in the aspect of an audience member. While it does give us a firm foundation of the what and why questions of the film, it does drag too long and does get dare I say boring.  It does allow character to become establish themselves and does a great effort to establish a connection with the fan base. It stays true to the story of the game with element from which include The Great Deku Tree, crazy shop keeper, and the takeover by Ganondorf of Hyrule. It also includes Link finding the master sword in the temple of time which he does pull from his rest and causes a slumber from Link that last 7 years.

The 7 years in the future is where it gets good. We are allowed to see a grand comparison of what Hyrule was and what it had become which was now a desolate wasteland. Now there is a lot of CGI that goes into this that isn’t up to par with today’s expectations but once again given the budget of the film it’s not bad.  There are some good fight scenes in which Link does look quite heroic.  He seems selfless and quite a defender of the weak. The choreography however did look sloppy at times and a bit SLOW but at other times what intense and believable. The battle scene between Link and Ganondorf is a bit of a letdown though.   These are the best rivalry in world of gaming and it just seemed lackluster but had a follow-up that was emotional at best.

Those portraying the character are both questionable and rewarding. Ganondorf easily cashes in as a show stealer. He is as every bit cruel and manipulative as he is in the same. Vengeful and hateful his voice mood, tone and inflections are spot one as a villain convinced that he is in the right. Just his movement catch your attention, it is obvious they put a lot of attention in this performance. His little henchman, an addition not in the game, also grabs attention with both appearance and voice inflection but isn’t followed up too well. He just sort of disappears in the movie.

Zelda isn’t a blonde in the movie. In know that upsets a lot of fans but not me so much. The important thing of adaptations is that character themselves and no so much their appearance.  That being said, she doesn’t wow the audience. Her performance isn’t a tragedy but simply basic. She does her best to project emotions such as joy and grief but fails to connect 100%. Even as the Sheik character she just looks silly trying to mimic the movement from the game.

Now, let’s talk Link. It takes some serious guts to put dialogue to his iconic hero with no verbal actions in any of the games. For what they do, it is good. Sure, they try to make him seem either carefree or childish at first but besides that not so bad. They give him the abandoned mystery child that doesn’t know who he is and must go on a quest to find out. That’s right, a coming of age story. But, honestly what wise would you do with the link character? As mentioned early this portray does seem heroic and selfless. It also a fine touch that Link just seems like a normal guy who has been thrown in the mist of saving the world. The question does arise how he is able to defeat so many warriors even though he has no training.

I find very little morality issues in this film. There isn’t a single curse word that I can remember. The violence is very minimal with light amount of bloodshed. There are the mention of the SAGES and the Trifornce that could seem as a divine entity but aren’t portrayed in such a way like in the game series.


The Hero of Time is easily one of the best low budget films I’ve ever seen. There aspects that most Zelda fan would love and a back-story that even new-comers to the series can enjoy. The action is tense at time with some very silly moments at times but regardless it is a film that entertains. 3/5




Liam Neeson is back to punching bad guys and shooting weapons in his newest film, “Non-Stop”. In this film he portrays Bill Marks, a US Air Marshall on his way to London when he begins receiving anonymous text messages threatening to kill somebody aboard the plan every twenty minutes until $150,000,000 is transferred to a wireless account. In the process of discovering the texter all fingers begin to point as him as a terrorist and soon has everyone against him.

“Non-Stop” in all honestly lives up to its name. Once the “action” starts it doesn’t stop until the very end. Perhaps the word “action” is the wrong term to use for the fact that there isn’t a ton of action scenes. Yes, Liam kicks butt in a few scenes but they are limited. The film instead focused on its suspense of who the texter is. Once he starts receiving the text messages the tension is thick in the atmosphere. The scene is quiet with only sound from background music and keypad pressing. After that the games begins of trying to found the villain. Not exaggerating on this, everyone becomes a suspect; both in the eyes of Neeson’s character and in the eyes of the audience.

The question does arise on how do you kill someone on a plane filled with people, crowded for that fact. It does seem that Hollywood is starting to go back to simple premises for films. Let’s be honest, an entire film concerning one setting could be really boring. Some films can pull it off, and this is one of them. Its humor is well based; the scenes make you laugh always feel in place.

When discussing the cast, this may be biased, but Liam steals the show. Sure he is the main character but at times minor characters can easily become the most fun to watch. There are other characters that just seem unimportant. For example, Julianne Moore stars as Jen Summers who is almost forgettable. Sure she does assist Neeson’s character at times but has a cliché written all over her. You know that one where the hero meets a friend only to turn into a suspect later on. That is exactly how you feel when she appears on screen. Her role was primarily to be a suspect at one point. Nothing more really.

Other characters appear on screen are immediately suspect in your eyes. But hey, that their purpose. It is a fun quest for the audience to take part in, trying to discover the bad guy and to see how accurate they are. I know changed my mind several times in the film and to my frustration I was right in the beginning. The film does a tremendous job of keeping you on the move of discovering the villain making you change your mind several times over and over again.

Neeson’s acting always appeals to me. He has a way expressing the characters mood and feeling just in his eyes. Some mock him as a bad actor because he is monotone, but if you watch his body language and facial emotions those mocker are silenced. There is a scene where he is smoking in the restroom and just looks hurt. His eyes say pain and regret. In a later scene which is quite emotional, after everyone has turned against him, he confesses of how terrible of a person and father he is. Flawed characters such as he is are often the most remembered for their humanity.

Violence: The action scenes that are present are violent and graphic. They include nose breaking, neck snapping, ect.

Profanity: There is a bit of vulgar language, they include the following: sh*t, Bullsh*t, f*ck,*sshole, dick, and wanker. Jesus’ name in used in vain several times and along with God d*mn.

Sexuality: There is a scene of a couple making out/caressing each other. There is also a scene where a young male took pictures of a woman’s cleavage with his phone.

Drinking/Drug use: A character has a suitcase full of cocaine. Neesom’s character is also an alcoholic.

Though “Non-Stop” contains lot of tense suspense and makes your heart pump with it, it is easily forgotten. After watching the film there is no feeling of triumph or victory, but just relief.  It feels more primarily for adults even though it has a PG-13 Rating. It may not be Taken but still delivers the thrills it promises. One thing is for sure, I’m not flying any time soon. 3.5/5

Gimme Shelter

gimme shelter

Everyone who takes breathe has one thing in common. We all have hope. Hope that we will get somewhere we are loved and accepted. That is the mission of Agnes “Apple” Bailey, played by Vanessa Hudgens, as she escapes her abusive and DRUG ADDICTED mother to find her father. Once finding her quite wealthy father Tom Fritzpatrick, played by Brandon Fraser, she discovers she is pregnant and her father’s family (his wife) pressures her into having an abortion but refuses while taking to the streets after seeing a photo of her unborn baby. From there her life becomes a struggle of survival, as it kind of was before, living on the streets only to find herself in a shelter for pregnant teens.

Let’s start off with this statement. Vanessa Hudgens deserves an Oscar, Golden Globe, Academy Award or some kind of award for her portrayal of his bitter teen. Her very first scene her butchers her hair with scissor in pure rage. Her appearance tells us the idea of feeling unworthy.  In her mind she isn’t of any value. Not even kidding in the first 10 minutes she is joked on by her mother, cursed at, gets attacked by her mother, and thrown out of a taxi. Once she meets her father and his family she still get the “you’re beneath us” status as they mock her nickname and say she is weird and smells and to top it all off, they tell her she isn’t fit to be a mother.

The film then gives us a terrible look at what some teens have to experience being homeless. There are scenes of her eating out of the trashcan, freezing in the rain and even breaking into a car to have some shelter from the weather.  The turning point in the film is once she meets Father McCarthy, played by James Earl Jones.  At this point she begins to understand her value….slowly.

So needless to say her life in her eyes seems pretty hopeless and terrible. The big question to ask then arises, where is God in all of this suffering? It is a question that everyone asks themselves and this includes Apple. Through the all her experiences she sees that God has been setting up where she wants to be. There is one  emotional seen where Apple meets with McCarthy and tries to apologize for yelling, Father McCarthy shakes it off and asks her to read Jeremiah 29:11-13. She reads that God plans her to have hope.

The relationship between both McCarthy and Apple is a neat and unique one. Though he is only in the film a handful of times there just seem to be calmness when he and Apple are in a scene. This could be a good chemistry between characters or that it is James Earl Jones. But with that said, we aren’t given a lot on this character; all we know is that he is a hospital chaplain and isn’t easily offended. Nothing else. A little more depth into the character would’ve been nice.

The pace of the film should be noted. It works well but does rush into a lot of chaos, so when it begins to get calm it almost boring. It is like a dog that just full sprints outside then runs inside to just plop on the ground. Another issue arose which is the scene settings. There are some scenes that are just there. Not anything is mentioned or explained or even important. For example, after Apple arrives into the shelter the girls break into the basement after stealing the keys from the head house mother where they all look through clothes.  Nothing else happens.  One could say that the scene was to strengthen character development, but nothing happened. The following scene was done much better as they shared their history with one another.

Now when it comes to characters, only two truly stand out. Hudgens performance stuns me. This was the girl who played in the High School Musical trilogy. She does a knockout job at transforming from a bitter angry teen to a happy loving mother to be. The other was Fraser’s performance. Hear it here first Fraser is underrated as an actor. His portrayal of a father who had everything and then suddenly surprises by the arrival of his teenage daughter is spot on. He deals with real emotions on scene. You can see the struggle that takes place of him wanting to take Apple in, but the pressures from others. The confusion, concern, regrets; it’s all there on his face.

The issues of abortion are obviously there. It is wonderful to see that Apple not only chooses her child’s life but makes decisions concerning the baby’s well-being. For example, Cassidy (one of the girls at the shelter) asks Apple to leave with her and live in an apartment together. The move is one of pride and independence as a way to escape “being told what to do.” Apple’s deals with what is more important the well being of her child or he own pride. That alone shows the progress that Apple has made. If she wouldn’t have been pregnant she would’ve left.

One of the flaws this movie contains is a lot of unanswered questions. Here are a few: How did Apple’s mother (self defined born in the streets) and Tom (a potential college student) ever meet up? Where is Apple’s baby daddy? Who is Apple’s baby daddy? Where does the change of heart for certain family members take place? Why was there a second house being built on Tom’s property? What happened to Apple’s mother? What happened with Cassidy after she left the shelter?

Concerning profanity, the word B*tch is used twice, Apple’s mother frequently call Apple a whore and slut, d*mn it occurs once, and who the hell occurs once. There isn’t much sexuality besides Apple’s mother dress in the beginning.  There is also a puking scene.

Gimme Shelter is a film worth watching. It displays the hardships of children raised in abusive homes and where drugs are present, and also show the beauty of life along with a central theme of redemption.  4.5/5



File:Gravity Poster.jpg

Space. The Final Frontier. No one can hear you scream. Okay, that’s enough of those phrases, but 10 points if you can match those phrases. Sandra Bullock and George Clooney take you on a cinematic experience in this nightmarish film of floating in the vastness of space. It provides an authentic feeling experience of the silence and loneliness that Bullock has to endure in her attempt to make it home.

The film stand out feature is the one take-like filming. The entire movie follows Bullock character as the fights and struggles to make it each space station as a hope of getting home. It doesn’t feel as if there are any different takes or cut that take place. Director Alfonso Cuaron helps you connect to Bullock’s character. Perhaps saying character is an  over statement, there isn’t much that is revealed about her except about her daughter. Than again perhaps less is more in this situation. It proves that you don’t necessarily need massive amount of character development  in order to pull for the character. In all honesty, character development isn’t the film’s priority.

The idea of drifting in space is the works of the darkest nightmares. What do we really know about space? We have gotten different ideas from movies ranging from Aliens to Armageddon. As for me, I though of floating in space as swimming. How ever there is some concept of gravity in the water, but in space gravity has no value. You just drift away. You can’t just stop or stroke in a different direction. No slowing down either. Just imagine being drifting away from your station…in space……unable to stop or even SLOW down.

The obstacles that Bullock faces in her attempt of making home is astounding. She goes from drifting in space, gathering friends floating abound, exploding space stations. It seems almost endless. The audience shares the character’s fears, pain (she gets banged up pretty bad) and emotional highs and lows. There are first person scenes that literally throw in the movie. The 3D is highly effective with no gravity concept. There are points where you try avoiding flying debris or miscellaneous objects in the space stations. The only problem is the quick camera movements cause DIZZINESSand make scenes blurry.

All in all, it is awesome. The concept, the screenplay, the effects, the acting, the characters, the situations, the ending. The movie reminds us of the triumphant fighting spirit in all of us. It is the standout movie experience of the past few years. In other words, Gravity is unforgettable. 5/5



When the first Red film was released I was a bit skeptical on the premise of it. The trailer looked like a real goofy movie. I honestly  had no interest in watching it. And then one year for Christmas it was in my stocking thanks to my wife, so needless to say i had to watch it. It was on of the best light hearten action films I had ever seen. So when RED 2 was announced you bet I was going to see how it held up.

Now what is one word that can sum up this film? Fun. It practically sums up the entire film. Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, and Mary-Louise Parker once again are a hilarious combination on the silver scene. The scenarios are hilarious, the premise is more high risk, and the villains are charmingly entertaining.  All in all it is a well written film.

Frank (Willis), Marvin (Malkovich), Sarah (Parker), and Victoria (Helen Mirren) are all thrown back into the life of covert ops when a mysterious chemical bomb operation is discovered with Marvin and Frank’s name included on it. Along with clearing their names via discovering the bomb’s location with the help of Anthony Hopkins, who is just incredible and awesome in his role and also the creator of the bomb, they have to deal with a hit man played by  Byung-hun Lee.

Willis does very well portraying Frank as man wanting a peaceful life while his girlfriend Sarah is wanting a life of adventure. Parker’s performance of Sarah is the show stealing for this movie, I’m not sure if it is just the writing of the character or her portrayal. Every time she is on screen is easily becomes the limelight; her gestures, facial reactions, her calmness, her jokes, she overshadows all other performances in the movie. Malcovich is the same as the previous film, extremely convincing as crazy Marvin who honestly says unfunny jokes but because of the character he portrays the jokes come out funny.(For example, What happens in Kremlin stay in Kremlin.)

Now the action in this film is alot more…colorful and loud. In other words, very much different than in RED, though it had some good aaction as well. The action in RED 2 is more over the top with Kung Fu fighting ( which everybody loves), car chases, and exploding planes. Now the car chase seen did go over the top and did use some CGI (which I am not a fan of) and probably killed a poor trucker courtesy of our heroes.

Now the problem with the film is the predictability. You can’t help but see everything coming ahead of time; the twist, the outcome, villain turn good guy. It is highly predictable which does harm the entertainment value of the product sense if never allows you wonder but instead makes you go ohh ahh at the action scenes and making you laugh at the hilarity of the situations.

This might be a pet peeve of mine but i really don’t like product placement in films. This is where they will show a the product of a company that helps in endorsing the film. In the movie for example Frank Moses uses Pringles to set a trap and have to go though a Papa Johns. Though this does make for some funny moments, it is still a bit annoying. A bit of nic picking, i know.

At certain point they use an unique transitioning format when changing locations from city/country to city/country by changing the scene to comic BOOK style drawing. This fits in well since it is a comic book based film.

RED 2 is as action fill and laughter filled once again creating a film that does well blending humor and serious moods. Though the film runs a little long and does to seem to drag on a bit at times I would still recommend RED to any fan of action comedies. 2.5/5


Good Day to Die Hard


Yippee- Ki -Yay, John McClane is back on screen with a brand new assortment of explosions and over-the-top action scenes. In “A Good Day to Die Hard” John TRAVELS TO RUSSIA to support his son who is on trial of national security, only to be revealed that Jack (John’s son) is actually a spy for the CIA; a story line first proposed for Live Free or Die hard but was declined. And this is the worst of the Die Hard films. It is just a mess of a film with explosions and traffic wreckage everywhere. It tries so hard to push itself as an action film with all the gunfights and destruction that it misses key points of an action film, especially a die hard film. What are those?

Let’s talk villains! The very best action films have the very best villains, and that is definite in the Die Hard franchise. Not so much in this one. You spend too much time trying to figure out who is the villain that it loses any chemistry between the bad guy and McClane, which has been cornerstone for these films. The vocal interaction between McClane and Hans Gruber (for example) has helped the McClane’s character become imbedded in our minds. And it seems the direction of the film doesn’t even focus on that. Its main purpose is too making pretty explosions.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the action sequences but here they feel out of place….badly out of place. If they were in a different film such as a superhero flick or some other sci-fi kind of movie they would fit. Honestly, McClane should’ve died at least three times from slashed arteries because he is tossed through glass like it’s an Olympic event.  There has to be multiple deaths due to the wreck less car chase scene didn’t seem to end due to our hero, who ends the scene by pushing a HEAVYILY armored military truck off the highway using a SUV. What happened to the realist and tense action scenes that made our hero larger than life? It feels that John McClane has been reduced to a video game character.

If you can get past the smoke and debris, you can at least enjoy the story. Wait, what story? Of course it’s about terrorists but ends up twisting at the end, as the Die Hards all do. It tries to push this father-son broken relationship story that may seem familiar. Mainly, because it was in the previous film! It actually gets pushed really hard but just doesn’t feel real, it feels like you are watching a rehearsal the actual portrayals. It’s just a botched story.

Now, with all that said, I really enjoyed “A Good Day to Die Hard.” The movie is a mess and broken but weirdly fun. Plus it’s good to see John McClane again saving the day in such an over the top manner, not to mention his “yippee- ki- yay” moment is really awesome. I guess it’s a guilty pleasure of a film. 1.5/5

Peaceful Warrior

Peaceful Warrior is a 2007 drama film directed by Victor Salva, written by Kevin Bernhardt, and stars Nick Nolte and Scott Mechlowics. The film is an adaptation of the BOOK “Way of the Peaceful Warrior,” which follows the relationship of a college student gymnast, Dan Millman played by Mechlowics, who comes across a mysterious service station worker. The story tells of Dan bound for Olympic Gold only to suffer a life changing event in which he must rely on the teaching of the mysterious service station worker, who is nicknamed Socrates, in order to over come the challenges that he faces. The performances are powerful, the story it takes you on is inspiring, and the lessons learned should not soon be forgotten.

Now when saying that Mechlowics has done a powerful performance, it is important. This young man played in the almost unforgivable Eurotrip. But here we get a solid performance, and get see what this talented young man is capable of. Whenever his character Dan is on top of the world the audience can feel his ego and arrogance. But after the motorcycle wreck and has a steel rod put in his leg, his hopes for the Gold medal go down the drain. In this period of the movie the audience can feel his pain as his emotion are shown. One cannot ignore the pain he feels; the pain of failure, the pain of lost dreams. Nick Nolte gives a wonderful performance as the service station worker Socrates. What makes his performance amazing is the speeches he gives concerning success and happiness. Viewers begin to wonder if he is real or just apart of Dan’s mind. The impact Socrates leaves in Dan’s life will cause people to plead for a Socrates in their life.

The road the film takes makes if feel like a fantasy/science fiction film. Dan has a recurring dream that foretells of his accident and these visions. In one of these visions he is able to hear the thoughts of his coach and fellow gymnasts. The second one doesn’t seem like a vision at all in which e goes to commit suicide only to realize that the “he” that has to die is the one holding him down from becoming successful.
It is hard to find flaws within this film. It almost seems flawless. Dan’s love interest joy, played by Amy Smart, only appears a handful of times it seems, so one would not be sure where the connection is. However, even though we rarely see her, there is a connection felt between the two that out does most romantic comedy couples. She is an enjoyable character for the most part, for the parts that we do get, because she seems to be the exact opposite of Dan. She isn’t too worried about the troubles of life but the current situation of her life.

Most movies allow the character change over the time of film. Dan doesn’t turn from being self-centered to Mr. GoodyTwoShoes. It is a long process for him. Even towards the end of the film he still struggles with his selfish nature, which makes the film all feel the more real. With Socrates, over the film we see more into him concerning the relationship between him and Dan. Audience learn from the beginning that Socrates sort of tease at Dan to see if he would endure the teachings.

Peaceful warrior is an amazing film. It captures each kind of person in at least one of the characters. It hold a story that will stay in the hearts and minds of all those who watch it.

Spiritually: This film does hold something that were not absolutely needed in the film, the half naked girl the sat upon Dan in one point of the film. There is also a bit of language in it. But it holds a few analogies that is connected to the Christian faith (even thought it is not Christian film). One is at the end of the film in which Dan begins to teach what he learned from Socrates (being a Disciple). 3/5




Fighting is a 2009 action drama directed by Dito Montiel, written by Robert Munic and stars Channing Tatum and Terrance Howard. The story is set in New York and revolves around Shawn, played by Tatum, who impresses Harve, played by Howard, whenever defending himself against a couple of people trying to steal his counterfeited products, Harvey becomes interested in Shawn and becomes his manager for underground fights. With impressive cast and trailers this movie was to be a guarantee hit. It was a hit, a hit in the groin. The movie itself is a bomb, with no character development, unimpressive story, obscene amount of coincidences and poor fighting conditions. The film is one of the most disappointing movies of any action genre.

The moment Channing Tatum comes on screen prepare to see nothing else come from him. He has little-to-no background on his character and is completely one dimensional. Shawn (Tatum) has no goals in this movie with the exception of making money in the fights he wins. Terrance Howard oddly plays no Oscar nominating role. He is plain, boring and also very one dimensional. The film is very determined not to let you see any other sides to these characters. There is no hope of being connected to any of the character; they are nothing but paintings on the wall.

The story is uninspiring and feels like they didn’t want to go in detail about anything. Like it’s stated earlier the characters are one dimensional. The love interest that Shawn becomes involved with is also dull and creepy piece of the movie. He finds his love interest by randomly running into her, and the only attraction seen happens to be physical. In no other way is there a connection between the two. His rival Evan Hailey, played by Brian White, and he meet up at a clubs a couple times in the movie. How can these guys keep meeting up like this? Every time there is a moment that seems to need a certain moment they throw in these coincidences such as running into his rival or his love interest.

The one small thing that the film does make up for is a small portion of the fights. In the fights the fighters lose breath, they struggle, the hits seem so real. There is one shot in the movie where, in Shawn’s first official fight, Shawn receives a hard punch in the ribs and you see the pain it causes. Now that one impressive item is then thrown to the waste side due to a list of other problems. Hollywood needs to learn that the audience is not fond of shaky cam sequences. It is frustrating that the only scenes people care about in movies are the only ones that have the shaky cam shots. In Fighting, the fight scenes are the ones that are wanted to be scene and when one can’t enjoy it because you can’t watch the fight because the camera is all over the screen. Some movies require the shaky cam for feeling and dramatic feeling, but not Fighting. And in a fighting movie one would expect the fight scenes to be exciting and thrilling, but not fighting. The fight scenes are boring and unsatisfying not to mention that it is unrealistic that this young guy who appears to have no fighting experience, and doesn’t train until the last fight of the movie some how wins his fights against very much experienced fighters.

This movie is a tragedy. No normal sane movie lover should enjoy this movie. This movie could been an Oscar winning movie but because of its poor direction it failed to do so. One cannot say in words how heartbreaking of a bad movie this truly is. All that could be said has been said on this movie. Fighting is worth the fight of watching this film. 0/5





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