Undertaker’s Last Match part 2

This is a dated piece I wrote for a friend of mine last year around August. These were concept I had concerning Undertaker’s last match in the WWE. Enjoy!

Now we are at Survivor Series! Everyone entrances are normal except for The Undertaker, and of course his entrance is last. Since this is his last match the entrance has to be big and unforgettable. His best entrance by far, was wrestle mania 29, with the souls of past victims reaching up towards him. This time when we hear that gong, we see The Undertaker sitting on a throne-like structure with his druid walking slowly by the side of it. They stop at the top of the entrance for a pause and we hear a familiar sound.

Bike Engine revs up. They remove the large cloth tarp covering the “throne” and reveal a motorcycle (custom made with Undertaker Cross on the front) and the music switches from the gong to the Ministry of Darkness music (because it was so epic) and Taker makes cruises to the ring. Now don’t get confused, he isn’t the American Badass but a mixture of it and the Dead Man.  It his last ride…so to speak.

Now here is the difficult part, the match itself. You have to ask yourself who is going under first. The question that needs to be asked is whose career suffers because of the first pin fall. If we are looking at the Veterans team, we know that any of them can be pins and it has not a negative light on their career or persona. There are two in which may not compete again and those are Undertaker and Rhyno.  But I don’t see Rhyno being the center of attention.

The match will start off with Owens and Cena.  They do their back forth punches, Owen whips Cena into his corner and they make frequent tags to keep Cena confused on who the legal man actually. Eventually Gallows becomes the legal man and lead Cena away from the ropes and they have their brawling time.  After about the ten minute mark, Cena begins his four moves of doom sequence. As he runs to the ropes to perform his flyer shoulder Owens enters and hit Cena with a thunderous Pop-Up Power Bomb. Gallows then pins Cena for the first elimination.  It’s a shock but it solidified the New Era immediately.

Without wasting time Rhyno charges and Gores Gallows. Once Rhyno reaches his feet he runs toward Slater on the apron and Gores him through the ropes. Cue the ECW chants.  A brawl breaks on the outside. The ref begins counting to ten but when the mayhem going on (wrestlers sliding in and out of the ring), he just gives up shrugs his shoulders. Rhyno and Gallows enter the ring.

From this point on, the match will just take its natural course but here are some other spots that would enhance the match:

Team Veteran

  • AJ Styles goes for Phenomenal Forearm but is hit with a Code Breaker from Jericho, then followed by an RKO.
  • Slater goes to top for high risk, but Undertaker surprises him with a choke slam from the turnbuckle to the announcer’s table
  • Baron Corbin begins to perform End of Days on Orton but is surprised by Miz from behind with a Skull Crushing Finale.
  • Undertaker does his suicide dive on New Era on the outside
  • Rhyno gores Owens through the barricade

New Era

  • Baron Corbin performs End of Days on Miz from the top turnbuckle
  • Owens reverses Undertaker’s Old School into a power bomb.
  • Anderson and Gallows perform their finisher on the floor on Orton (Concussion storyline continues from summer slam) and is eliminated shortly afterward.
  • Rhyno is crouched in the corner waiting for Slater to get to his feet, Rhyno charges and Slater dodges, hit the ropes and hits his one gore on Rhyno.
  • Orton prepares an RKO on Anderson whom duck out the way only to get by a boot from Gallows.

The order of elimination for the Veterans doesn’t matter as long as Undertaker is their final member. However, for New Era the order of elimination is as follows:

  1. Anderson
  2. Gallows
  3. Styles
  4. Owens

The final two members are Baron and Slater. Slater has spent a good part of the match squirming out of the way, and having little in-ring time ability until now. Undertaker’s body is wearing down after the all the chaos that this match is brought form the competitors.  Slater tries to go for a low blow but undertaker catches his arm, twists it and does an old school on Slater. As Undertaker catches his balance and rests himself on the ropes, Slater crawls to the rope and tags in Baron. Baron runs toward Undertaker to hopefully catch him off balance but instead is scooped up and is dropped face first on the turnbuckle. Undertaker does his usual running big boot, which sends Baron to the outside. Slater then comes from behind the Undertaker but is dumped to outside where Baron catches him.

Undertaker then bounces on the ropes for momentum and looks as if he is going to perform another suicide dive, but Baron runs/slides in the ring and catches Taker with the end of days. Baron pins…2 count kickout. Undertaker is then slowly rising to his feet as Baron stands over him. Screaming and taunting the dead man. He grabs the Undertaker by the hair and lifts him up only to have Taker scoop up Baron into a tombstone piledriver. It’s a two count, and Baron, as quickly as he can rolls out of the ring. Slater then gets tagged in.

He whips taker in the turnbuckle and attempts to splash him but Taker catches him. When Taker attempts to slam Slater but holds on to the turnbuckle padding until it rips off exposing the steel. Undertaker then charges into the turnbuckle across the ring and crushes Slater. As Taker begins his corner strike, Slater reverses, duck under and begins his own strikes on the dead man. This is where Slater will actually gain some momentum as he will use successful offense on Undertaker. He whips Undertaker into the ropes and hit him with a spinning heel kick and continues on using Arial moves including his Flying sleeper slam. Undertaker eventually has enough of it and goes for a choke slam and as Slater goes in the air, he reverses the choke slam into a PayDirt (a move from his Nexus days). He goes for a pin.



As the ref bring his down for a 3 Baron pulls Slater off and give Slater an End of Days. He screams at Slater about knowing his place, the dead man is mine. He then throws Slater outside the ring, and waits patiently at his respective corner, waiting for the 10 count from the ref to eliminate Slater. Once the ten count is up Baron enters the and goes for a pin, but Undertaker pulls Baron in for the Hell’s Gates. Undertaker had played possum to lure Baron in. However, Baron is able to reach the ropes. The two then reach their feet are face to face. Cue the “this is awesome chants.” The two then wrestle for another 5-8 minutes, with plenty of close calls and finisher reversals.  Baron kicks out of a tombstone and a choke slam. Undertaker then whips Baron into the corner with the exposed steel and charges him to do a corner splash.  Baron however steps forward and catches under taker and lands a corner version of End of Days where Undertaker’s face smashes into the exposed steel.  Baron immediately takes the dead man down to a pin but its only a two count.

Frustrated Baron scoots himself to a corner post.  He just stares at the prone dead man. He scream just stay down, you’re done. Accept it.” Undertaker attempts his signature sit up but he isn’t able to do it, even after several attempts. Instead he crawls to the ropes, and uses the ropes to get to his feet. Shaking his head and laughing at undertaker’s frailty, Baron stands to his soon afterward. The Undertaker pauses as he reaches his feet and looks at himself. He is broken and bruised; head is bleeding from the turnbuckle. His body simply can’t go on much longer, and he accepting it. The audience cheers his name, as his eyes glaze over the arena and he…smiles.  The camera zooms in on his now Mark Callaway’s face, and says thank you! He turns to Baron, and marches straight toward him. Baron aggressively props The Undertaker into the End of Days position but instead, has the undertaker in a tombstone position. He cries out “Rest in Peace ” and drops The undertaker on his head and pins him.


Baron leaves the ring celebrating as The Undertaker slowly rises to his feet. He looks around the arena and repeating “thank you.” One last PPV Undertaker pose and the show ends with a gong.

That’s how I would book his final match. Was it terrible or a success? Personally I think it is a success, it’s a match with huge impact on a major storyline, its packed with emotion and close finishes, and possibly open up several story lines.  Then and finally then, The Undertaker can rest in peace.


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