Undertaker’s Last Match Pt. 1

This is a dated piece I wrote for a friend of mine last year around August. These were concept I had concerning Undertaker’s last match in the WWE. Enjoy!

Undertaker’s final match has been a hot topic for a number of years. There were serious claims that once the streak died, then the undertaker’s career was over however he has competed at the past two wrestle manias against the like of Shane McMahon and Bray Wyatt.  The man is in his early 50’s and won’t be able to continue much longer despite what the fans believe, and it will soon be time to hang up the old boots, and rope, and trench coat, and cowboy hat, and that motorcycle. What would be the best final match for the dead man?

It isn’t Undertaker vs. Sting, and it isn’t even at Wrestle Mania! Oh, the blasphemy. Sting is nearly 60 and Taker is, as mentioned early, in his 50s wouldn’t be ideal for such a match. It would be the same as watching two grandfathers grapple at a family reunion.  It just wouldn’t work at this point in time.

The undertaker’s last match should be the first official match in the WWE. Wait, do you mean have undertaker wrestle at survivor series? Yes, I do. Do you want Undertaker to participate in a Survivor Series Match? Yes, I do. Now before everyone becomes disgusted with the idea, let me explain everything to you.

To have it at survivor series is just the smart move to play. To begin and end on the same PPV event is just poetic in the rawest form. Wrestle Mania was undertaker’s show until he lost to Brick Lesbo.  Once the steak ended, Taker’s entitlement to the show ended. Sure he can still compete on there but it is no longer as exciting as when the streak was being defended. Second, Undertaker is at the point where a singles match isn’t going to work for his benefit. His body is wrecked and age is playing a significant role on him. Having him work with several guys, gives him the opportunity to rest while provide burst of energy.  Thus, a benefit to himself and the audience.

The match would essentially be the new era vs the veterans, and while it seems to be a NEXUS vs. WWE or a Main Event Mafia vs. TNA rip off it would be handled much more differently. First, the new era stars wouldn’t be warring against WWE but rather the spotlight/disrespect. The company has always had a tendency to focus on their past stars over the current or future. For example, people were more excited about the returns of Dudleys, Rhyno, and Orton than the current product. Not saying the audience but management. They decide it is their time to rise up against the veterans and declare there is a change coming to the WWE, that the new era will be the only era, or possibly the “surviving era.” Now this group of guys would primarily be heel. Which would include: AJ Styles, Kevin Owens, Baron Corbin, Carl Anderson,  Luke Gallows and Health Slater. Yes, I am breaking them up as they are divided by eras, plus Rhyno is running for office so he doesn’t have much in-ring time left. Of course this starts off as a mutual split with no “backstabbing.”

Team WWE will consist of John Cena, Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, Dolph Ziggler, The Miz, and…Brock Lesnar. First I am fully aware that I misspelled Lesnar’s name, secondly the heels on team Veteran will play more of an anti-role as they just want to put the new era “punks” in their place and thirdly where is the Undertaker. Originally Undertaker isn’t scheduled for the match, and he is brought in as a plan B (as HHH would say).

Now this “rivalry” begins several months before November, as you would of course want to build to the event to be steady and not rushed.  Instead of usually attacking superstars, the new era stars just use their mic skills to create tension. Now not all of them are mic professionals so this will give them an opportunity to develop more. For example, the new era may Cena and Orton as people who have used their backstage “power” to ensure their spot, while chris Jericho is nothing more than a part time has been, and the like of ziggler and Miz are after thoughts of the company. They keep pursuing a match to show their capability of being the major stars of wrestling today. Notice it isn’t WWE they want to be known for, but wrestling in general. These heels could care less about the fans, the wwe or even the titles that currently hold, but just are just testimony of how great they are. Eventually this leads to several matches including KO betraying his best bud Jericho in a number one contender’s title match, and Orton being screwing over in a match against AJ Styles. Not long after this backstage brawls begin but not team Veterans but on those who support the team. The New Era attacks Enzo and cass, Michael Cole, HHH and Rene Young. This is when team Veteran realize they need someone brutal and each of them have deep pockets.

While New Era is doing a promo on their superiority, they mention that no star of the past stand a chance against them.  They joke on Austin, Rock, Goldberg, HBK, Edge, and other major stars. In all of this Slater is silent, he is the one that is clearly troubled by all of this. He does mention that they should be careful of what they want, because he knows firsthand what stars of the past can do. He mentions being beat by past stars like Vader, and Psycho Sid. Baron screams for him to choose his alliance and shut his mouth. KO reminds Slater of being forgotten about in the draft, being unused for years, and being seen as a joke. This is what turns him to more of heel style. Slater smiles.  “I choose my era. The New Era. Because we ruling the wrestling world now.  Let’s do what Nexus couldn’t do. No one can stop us. WWE has no one else.”

Enter Brock Lesnar.

New Era instantly panics and prepares themselves for the beast. He clears the ring by throwing KO and AJ over the top rope, clothes lines Baron and Gallows, and finishes with an F-5 to Anderson. Slater then manages a low blow. New Era then ambushed Lesnar with stomps, until Lesnar gets back to his feet and begins his offensive until another low blow. And he goes down again, but Team Veterans come to his rescue.  They manage to make New Era retreat and while one the ramp Rhyno stares directly at Slate “GORE! GORE! GORE!” Team Veterans then raise their hands in unity and a momentary victory. HHH then comes out and announces the New Era gets what they want.

A match.

At Survivor Series.

And HHH creates a stipulation, if New Era loses they will be stripped of all their titles. They angrily respond with yelling.  Now you may ask why are they so upset about losing titles if they said titles/championships don’t matter. Simply, champions make more money and are considered more prestigious. The match is set at survivor series.

About a month before Survivor Series, AJ styles challenges to a steel cage match on RAW to prove that Lesnar is a star of the past and both teams are banned from ring side. Lesnar accepts (I know this is a long shot as Lesnar doesn’t do matches on a “free” basis, but A.J could challenge his manhood by calling his a coward). This cage match is different though, it resembles more of a hell in the cell because it has a top.  Both men are in the ring as the cage lowers, and AJ smiles. Out of the audience comes New Era, they slide into the ring with weapons, (lead pipes, steel chairs, ect.) They lock in the cage and destroy Lesnar with chair shots and finishers. He is a bloody mess, and for the first time Lesnar is the victim and is “broken.” Team Veteran is unable to get into the ring and the New Era taunts them as they slightly raise the cage to simply roll Lesnar out. The Veteran help Lesnar to his feet as the medical them rolls him out halfway up the ramp at that time he stop them and begins marching back to the ring. At this point the crowd is erupting, however Lesnar is stumbling and wobbling down the ramp and Heyman is pleading for him to stop. Lesnat eventually collapses. New Era raise their hand in victory.

Time to play the game. HHH comes out and is pissed. HE looks and the ring and shakes his head. But then he smiles and says, “There is always a plan B.”

Gong. Lights out.

Undertaker appears on the rampway. And that how Raw ends. The next day WWE.com publishes and article that Lesnar will not be cleared to wrestle due to concussions and other injuries, and that The Undertaker is replacing Lesnar in the match.

I’m sure people might be upset because they want to see Lesnar in the match but Lesnar isn’t a WWE guy, he is a Lesnar guy. He is there for the love of being paid, not the love of the WWE. And that is okay. This can also set up a rivalry between AJ and Lesnar for WrestleMania. Don’t say you don’t want it. Don’t even think it.

On Smack down New Era is mad about the change because it wasn’t in the original agree mend to face The Undertaker , and that the Veterans should just compete with a man down. However Baron Corbin speaks up and states, “I’m okay with sending Mark (Undertaker’s real name) back to the retirement home.” Silence. “I’m okay with the grandpa of WWE kissing the bottom of my feet. As long as there is another stipulation to the match. I want Undertaker’s career on the line!”  Fans boo. “Cry all you want, but he is nothing but another minor foot note in WWE next the likes of us. After Survivor Series, Mark won’t be known for wrestle manias, title reigns, or his 12 minutes entrances. He will only be known as some guy who lost to Baron Corbin.” The disrespect brings Undertaker out to the ring only to say, “Done.”

The next few weeks leading up to Survivor Series, WWE will be highlighting Taker’s accomplishments, his impact on the company, stars he has influenced and perspectives from wrestlers he has defeated. There should even be segment where an announcer speaks to wrestlers who have been able to defeat him and how they were able to accomplish this. On the final show before Survivor Series, Undertaker makes an appeared and takes the mic. He explains that he has been a WWE guy and that this is his yard. He mentions all of his foes in which he vanquished and reminisces on his accomplishments. And states that he will not let the like of Baron Corbin or other of the New Era to be victorious.  His career stated at Survivor Series, but he will ensure it will not end there. The Undertaker will Survive.

Stay tuned for the match.

In a few days.


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