Such an Inconsistency

Perhaps you’re one of the few subscribers that noticed an inconsistency among my writings. There has been a number of changes that have occurred in the past year of my life. For starters, my wife and I went on vacation early this year to Louisiana. We brought back 2 kids as souvenirs.

That’s right.

I am a father of a soon to be a 4 year old and an eleven old. This alone has been a massive transition for my wife and I, as we only had two animal to care for prior to this. Schedules and routines, thus, have suffered change. Work has also brought along difficulties with a constant change of staffing and supervisors, as well as a death in our home.

Change is normally a challenge for myself, as I am a creature of habit. All of my routines have since experienced an adjustment. Of those changes is a lack of personal time, which I used in the past for writing (whether for the blog or my potential novel.) As promised in the past, I plan for a variety of topics from devotions, to personal experiences, to other topics such as board games, movies, video games, and possibly music. To uphold this, I have constructed a schedule which I will hold myself accountable. Other potential changes, is a plan to do v-logs once a month. Again, not a promise. And as a assistance to other students, I will share some of my essays and research papers on this blog. Remember the rules of plagiarisms, and my major is Criminal Justice Administration.

Hope you all look forward to my posting. Thank you for the support and subscriptions. Stay blessed my friends.


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