Understand Your Value

Palms were drenched with sweat as I walked through the doors and gazed upon the store’s inventory. My eyes, in a near astonishment, slowly passed over a sea of diamonds and other jewelry. Each of the items possessed beauty, even if it wasn’t the style that suited my wife, who was at the time my  girlfriend. The decision was made to purchase an engagement ring and to venture off onto that new horizon hand in hand with a person who utterly completed me.

First, I had to find the right equipment to get the vehicle moving. As I made a decision on a ring I then noticed a value connected to that ring. The value reflected  the work put into the ring, the owner/merchant’s view of the ring, and the joy that the ring would bring forth. Time passed slowly once I had concluded that there wasn’t a ring in that store that my salary could afford.

Value is one thing that we seem to lose sight of in our culture, as we live in a culture where we have accepted that everyone is broken with a list of unwanted issues. When we follow the thinking that we have X amount of problems, so that limits what love we receive, what opportunities that we have or what God can use us for. The majority of the men and women that God used in the Bible were vastly broken and had issues that, in our current thinking, would have prevented any success from occurring. It’s a treat to see what the Lord can do with broken people. A stuttering murder was used to bring freedom to a nation, a youth with little life experience brought messages of hope and/or destruction to a nation, a woman prevented a genocide when coming before a king without permission, and the list will continue.

About 150 years after Jonah brought word of impeding destruction to the city of Nineveh for their sins, of which they repented, another prophet named Nahum was sent there to warn the people once again of impending destruction. This time however, the destruction prophesied wasn’t prevented thus, become an actuality. Within the text is a passage that my eyes passed over several times.

Loot the silver. Plunder the gold! There is no end to Nineveh’s treasure- its vast, uncounted wealth. Soon the city is plundered, empty and ruined. Hearts melt and knees shake. The people stand aghast, their faces pale and their knees weak.   Nahum 2:9-10 (NLT)

Uncounted wealth were the words that sparked interest. As people we immediately look to the negative in life rather than they positive. Sure, we will argue/complain about there isn’t more positive news on television, only to focus more on the disasters  such as child abductions, shootings and other events.In doing so, we being to look at other and determining their value. How many times have we devalued individuals passed on substance abuse and past crimes.This is how Satan wins.

Why do banks have vaults to hold the money it possesses? It is because both the banker and the thief knows the value. Satan knows your value, he sees it and wants it wasted. The main objective of Satan is to bring you to ruins. To God, similar to Nineveh’s treasure, your value is endless, despite what lies you believe about your self. God has used the following people to bring good to the world: liars, thieves, murders, pornographers, orphans, unintelligent men,inexperienced youth, prostitutes, drug addicts, ill stricken, blind, deaf, crippled, ect. This was after they acknowledged their value in God’s eyes rather than their own. If God was able to use such people in both our time and in the bible’s time, then what is stopping God from using you? And remember the best part of all, our value is not determined by what we have done but what Jesus had done for us at Calvary.

See your value and stay blessed my friends.



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