A Dog Gone Lesson

Little known secret: I have a love of dogs, cat, chinchillas, and all sort of animals.

Okay, maybe it isn’t a secret as my Facebook, Instagram and twitter at times are flooded with pictures of my Nash.

Growing up in a small town (Bayou Chicot) in Louisiana, it was only odd to not own an animal; preferable dogs. My family wasn’t any exception, the love of dogs that must have been a hereditary trait. And, oh boy, did we ever express that love through a number of sources (breeds). However, my particular family hasn’t had a great track record when it came to animals. Every family dog we owned/raised, met a horrible fate.

Rebel (Rottweiler): Struck by truck

Girl (German Shepard): Ran away and hit by vehicle

Cochise (Catahoula mix): Parvo

Scooby (Rat Terrier Mix): Ran over by car

Max (Rat Terrier/Spaniel Mix): Ran over by Truck

AC (Rottweiler): Shot by Police Officer

Like I said, terrible track record. Those are also the ones I remember by name, there were others. We had a tendency to pick up any dog that needed help, they held a soft part in my dad’s heart. Eventually, this infected my own heart.

While my wife and I were engaged, she had rescued a small terrier-chihuahua that was just weeks old. I wasn’t too excited to hear about this, that’s just the truth. As much as I loved animals, we both worked a lot. Though I lived down the street, I was at my fiancee’s apartment quite frequently.

At one point, work had slowed down a lot and (after we were married)I spent a lot of my time at home with this wittle puppy. We named her Sophie, it seemed to fit.


I fell in love with this dog. I spent most of my time bonding with the pup and it showed; she was attached to me. My youth even knew this pup as they  spent tons of time playing and carrying her around.

One night, we came home from YEC (Youth Evangelism Conference/Celebration) and it was clear, Sophie was sick. Frighteningly sick. It was too late to do anything so I promised to take her into the vet the following morning while my wife was at work. And I did.


It is a disease that affects young dogs, if you recall Cochise suffered the same fate. There only one solution.

Put her to sleep.

The easiest and most heart shattering decision I ever made. This dog was already dead, but was taking much longer to meet her destination. As much as it ached me, I have to put her to sleep to make it as painless and easy as possible for her.

I cried, and cried and cried and cried. Did I mention that I cried? Not just tears, but with screams and plenty of snot bubbles. Yeah, get that image in. I was a mess in every understanding of the word. It devastated me that I lost this dog.


I wanted my dog healed, but it couldn’t happen.

It has been said that sin will break the heart of God. I disagree, what sin does to us breaks the heart of God. Through scripture we are constantly reminded of the compassion, love and interest that God has for each of us.


That often used word holds much more power than we give it credit for. This word means, that each of us (that means individually) hold a special place in His heart. In the same way, I would have done anything to bring healing to my Sophie, God did what ever it took to bring healing to us. Through some argue that the cross brings spiritual healing, I oppose that limited theory. Isaiah says that he was pierced and crushed for our sins and that by his scourging we are healed. Who are we to limit what God heals whether physical, emotional, or spiritual? Perhaps, just perhaps, He can do all of it.

Stay blessed my friends.




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