First Cooked Meal

On any given day, the best place in any home is in the kitchen. That is, unless you live alone and Domino’s is on speed dial.  Or at least it is to me. Memories flow through my head of my father cooking and the aroma that it provided for the home, such a pleasing sensation. As a kid who obviously ate past his fill, the kitchen was where the party was at.

Cooking is a rather important aspect in my family, perhaps in our culture. Down south, when people get together there is normally one person in charge of providing the meals for everyone. And more time than I can count, that is where the party revolves.

My father in law is someone who inspires me a lot…in the area of cooking. I wish the inspiration was in another area but it isn’t. I would often complain that his cooking would take too long until i learned it was his method, a crock pot method. It may take a long time but it is completely worth it. Heck, I even gave him the nickname Crock Pot.

Looking back, I have loved cooking. There were times where I made grilled chicken breast in a salad, eggs, and french toast. Of course, not in the same meal. Then one day I decided to take a risk, I was going to cook for my girlfriend at the time (who I know call my wife). Found a recipe for basil chicken online and became determined. When leaving work I was confident and scared. In a sense it was an important step for our relationship, after all her father told me I better learn to cook because his daughter didn’t cook.

We were at my grandmother’s house, everything was prepped, recipe was up on the screen, and my love was there with me. And I followed that recipe word for word. Let me repeat that.


The product was the most under-seasoned, bland pasta I had ever eaten. I hope it was all in my head, however my girlfriend, grandmother and cousin confirmed that plagued of a thought. My own chopping block.


Oh, I was angry, embarrassed and horrified that I produced something so terrible. I was sure that I would never cook that again. EVER AGAIN!

Every year for our anniversary, we have basil chicken for dinner. I follow my own recipe.

Now, comes the reader’s question: Why did I read all of this? or What’s the point of this.

Look at your past mistakes, and don’t see them as punishments but as lessons. Once we do that, we begin to have victory over those moments. The enemy will often haunt your mind with past sins or problems or even the simplest mistakes that are utterly minuscule and making them catastrophic. Luckily, we have a savior that is there to remind us that there is no account of those sins.

Isaiah 43:25

 “I–yes, I alone–will blot out your sins for my own sake and will never think of them again.

Grab hold of that, don’t let past sins or mistakes break you. If God isn’t looking at them, then why are we?

Stay blessed my friends.


One comment

  1. Haha! Oh, yes, the ever-popular personal chopping block. Let me just slice and dice my life attempts until the there is nothing left but pulp and the juices run onto the floor! Why are we so hard on ourselves? Thank God for His forgiveness and the fact that we all get way more chances than we deserve!

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