Wonderful or Deceitful Time of the Year

It is Christmas time. This is honestly and respectfully the most wonderful time of the year. Statistically, people are friendlier and happier. It isn’t to receive a happy holidays or a merry Christmas from people. I just love the month of December. It is the season of hot chocolate, gingerbread men and Frosty “the Greatest Single Christmas Character Ever Created by a Living Entity Ever” Snow Man. By that statement I may sound a tad bit to Frosty than most people. In fact most people would argue and say that Santa is the greatest Christmas character created by men. Though Christmas time does seem to revolve around Santa, which is insulting to me. Christmas should revolve around Jesus, in my humble opinion, however through the years Jesus seems to have a more minor supporting role in this time.


My wife and I have had several conversations over many issues concerning our future children. Talks of program activities, homeschooling, and sports have been uttered from each other’s lips. Another key issues that we have bravely discussed with each other is the identity of Santa Claus. And by identity, I mean his actual identity as a fiction or non-frictional character.

Now I should safely assume that my readers are beyond the years of the Santa theory. I group of with the belief of Santa Claus until that fateful evening when washing dishes with my father explained the truth to me. Yeah, he wasn’t the best with setting up the mood or situation for bombshell truth revelations. It was more like “okay, your friend’s right. There is no Santa. Here, dry this plate.”

We, my wife and I, have come to the agreement to not do the Santa Christmas. There is no condemnation towards those who follow the Santa tradition, but for us it is a no-go. It all goes back to our love of Jesus, and our desire to put focus on him. What reasons do we have to exclude Santa as a reality of our future children?

  1. Santa Claus, though based on a true individual who lived a long  time ago, is a lie. We lie to our kids. Many may respond by saying that this is a little white lie that does no harm. For some, that is true since there is no devastating reveal. Other however, are severely devastated. Parents build this passionate and intimate relationship between kids and Santa so much that kids love Santa. Not just the, I love my new teddy bear or new baseball bat. More of a love like a family member loves another family member. It is a real personal love. When the devastating reveal happens, Santa has practically been killed. You, as a parent, just murdered Santa Claus. Distrust can easily be formed.
  2. Following the point mentioned above, children realized that they have been blatantly lied to. They idea can easily appear, what else are you lying about? Parents often teach children of existence of many character that are later revealed to be nonexistent. What else is there? Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Rudolph, and the Jewish Armadillo. Okay, the last one is a FRIENDS reference. After all these truthful reveals, what is going to stop a kid from asking questions about the existence of God? If we made everything else up, how is God any different? Church is about the same as all the Christmas specials on tv or picture with Santa photo booth. All an attempt to deceive kids further.
  3. Santa alienates the idea of mercy and grace. Mercy is simply not getting what is deserved. Grace is receiving what isn’t deserved. We teach kids that if you do good, Santa will bless you. But if you are bad you will get a lump of coal. How terrifying is that for a 5 year old. Jesus blessed us with his sacrifice because he loves.
  4. Elf on the shelf is creepy. Ever watch Puppet Master? Toys never look the same afterward.
  5. Kids become so focus on Santa that they don’t care for Jesus. Sure, this is a bold statement but needs to be said. Children don’t get excited over the nativity story or the colorful method of teaching the birth of Jesus, all that matter is Santa and his elves. This is scary because Santa, a fictional character, become a deity while Jesus becomes an obsolete minor character who is only mention because he was “born” on present opening day. Oh, the minds of children.

The list could go on further. This is just personal conviction for my wife and I, and is not intended to degrade anyone’s Christmas tradition. All I hope is that this shed some light on why we are making such a decision. I hope everyone is have a wonderful December so far. And remember…

Stay blessed my friends.


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