Understanding Terms: Infallibility and Inerrancy

Theology has a number of terms. Inerrancy and Infallibility are terms often associated with the writings of scriptures. The question now appears, what the heck do these terms even mean. Many often mention these terms but never give an explanation for an audience to gain a grasp. Here at Understanding Faith, I plan to explain such terms.

Both terms are derived from the divine collaboration between man and God when the writing and constructing of the Word. Scripture was written out of God mind through man’s hands, also referred to as God-breathed or inspired by God from 2 Timothy 3:16. If this is true then the Bible is considered Inerrant due to its authorship. This means that is believed among Christians that the bible, because of the author, contains no errors in the original manuscript. There is question if this errorless characteristic have continued through the years of coping such manuscripts, or as if it was edited down. These are questions that will always arise due to skepticism to the Word in an attempt to discredit its reliability and value.

Infallible means that scripture is completely and utterly trustworthy due, once again, to the authorship of the writing. This means that the bible is not misleading and will not mislead. There are times that it can manipulated through deceptive arguments. For example, someone may say that the bible states that disobedient children need to be stoned to death. True this statement appears in the Old Testament but doesn’t imply that the Bible as a whole. The context of reading is massively important and if not regarded properly will lead to misinterpretations. Reading the context within the context of the particular passage will help one gain an understanding of what is taking place.

There are question when it comes to these two ideologies. The question of controversies often come into place such as different version of a story. For example, the stories of Jesus in the gospels don’t exactly follow the same chronological path. The answer to such an argument is that the writing in scripture are place in an order but not necessarily chronologically. Just look at the Old Testament, there are events wrote about in the Minor Prophets sections that can be dated in the writings of books that appear before. Writings are more categorized.

In the end, God wins. To some that is debatable and even a flawed statement. However, the bible is the Word of God and therefore trustworthy in my eyes. Through my eyes I have both experienced personal and spiritual revelations, and seen the lives of people transformed in incredible ways. I once heard that the bible is just a book that you read, but that reads you. Scary for some, but I on the contrary love the fact that there is a God who wishes to study us so deeply.

Stay blessed my friends.


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