Becoming Transparent

Not long ago my wife and I were able to attend a concert featuring  Lecrae, a major rapper on the christian scene. It was a deja view moment with it being my wife’s first real concert, and ironically back at the release of Lecrae’s “Real Talk” album, my first concert happened to be Lecrae. I even had the opportunity to even meet the guy but I turned it down. Looking back in hindsight, I was an idiot. At the time I was just there because it was getting out the house and hanging with friends and I was actually a fan or more white people music, such as heavy metal and hard rock. Lecrae changed that for me. It wasn’t for anything else but because of his boldness in his words. He stood for something, and acted on it.

He is man who follows his convictions and acts on what God is leading him to do. That’s a good thing to do. Because of his obedience, many have received revelation and a divine word from the Lord. He did the same for me in a way recently. Well,  my lovely (and smoking hot )wife deserves some credit.

Once I repackaged my blog, I dedicated myself to a specific topic, that being faith, and made a promise to continue that theme. This was a bold and difficult decision since i believe I have a mild form of AD…squirrel! Oh, it ran away. Where was I?

See my point. I literally had dozens of topic ideas varing from faith to pro-wrestling to film reviews and so on. It wasn’t fair to an audience for me to write a moving and personal devotion only to follow up with a list of why video game heroes are actually villains. I decided if I am going to write, I will write for what matters. I wanted to explore theology more intensely and make personal connections with my readers. I wanted to explore God’s word and the realms it cover in life. I wanted to ask hard questions on faith, science, and morality. I planned to discuss Calvinism, apologetics and atheism. Then something happened. I opened up about my past dealing with pornography.

I believe God wanted me to become transparent.

At the concert, Lecrae told the story (through movie form) of when he tool his girlfriend to get an abortion. Of course, he was younger and not apart of the faith at the time. But this guy has influence and stature with the christian music scene. In most cases celebrities fall when past sin are discover, even with Christians. Sin being revealed can cause distrust or even a since of betrayal to or even a loss of ministry opportunity. People just seem to look at another differently when the secrets are revealed. It took some guts for him to be transparent.

Transparency is a noble characteristic. It shows loyalty to a people, as well provides a sense of humility. Scripture tells us in Galations 6:2 to “Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.” We have to be open to other in order to do so. This is a challenge for myself. The servant’s heart is my heart; just ask when my church needs volunteers. However, I am slow to ask for help or open in such ways. Currently, I am still battling prayer for myself. In the past I refused to pray for my self believing that it was selfish. I know it isn’t selfish but my Damian mentality fought against that.Human nature, ugh.

To be transparent is to bear each other’s burdens, if we aren’t how are we to know the burdens that are out there. You may think this just opens your self to mockery and scrutiny, trust me I know. The first time I tried being transparent in youth group had me laughed at for even mentioning porn addiction. There are times your will be written off by people, because the idea of revealing your most dark and intimate secret or sin being public is foolish and embarrassing. Jesus was very transparent, so was Paul, so was Peter, so David (after time), so was Job, and the list can go on.

There are many positives to being transparent.

1) You create a bond on pure honesty

2) You accept freedom for declaring and accepting truth

3)You no longer have that “dirty little secret”

4) It strengths your testimony

5) You become a mentor to people

6) Becoming transparent is becoming obedient. Why else would we do it?

The question remains, what’s keeping you from becoming transparent?

Stay blessed my friends.


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