A Gumbo Pot Revelation

As I stand here over a prospective pot of delicious gumbo, a meal that can easy take hours to do, I began to get lost in my head. This is a very dangerous place. I do have a tendency to zone out from time to time, sometimes at the most of inconvenient of times. But this time, not so much.

For some  reason it stuck me as an odd thing, I am cooking gumbo. It is the Louisiana dish, the iconic meal and I was handling it. I have cooked this a few other times and I never had a moment like this. Looking back, as a child I hated gumbo along with any meal that involved rice. We had it so often that it just tiresome. It wasn’t until I met my wife and began enjoying cajun/creole food, mainly because it was all they cooked (and by they I mean her father). But these meals were different. They would take HOUR after HOUR! It was very frustrating to have to wait 5 hours for a meal that was normally cooked in an hour or so. But then after the long trial of waiting was done with, I took a bite and…

and finally

It was unlike anything I had ever tasted, new and good.

I say all this because sometimes we are frightened by the new and the unknown. I hated the very food that I am cooking. Sure, it may sound like a mediocre analogy but just hang with me.

There is one thing I have learned concerning God and that is the future is never certain. And by certain, I mean predictable. Currently I am 25, married , living in Kansas working as a Family Teacher (or as I like to call it EXTREME CAREGIVER!!!) and going to school for criminal justice. These are things I had never seen at the this point in time. In all actuality, I never saw myself doing any of these with the exception of being married. By this point in my life I had expected to have published a couple of novels while serving as a youth pastor. Didn’t happen. Is that a bad thing though?

Jeremiah 29:11 is one of popularly quoted scripture stating that God has a plan and hope for us. Now, focus on that. A plan. Each of us has a plan for our lives, some plan to have a successful and wealthy career and some plan to have a life overseas as a missionary. Now neither of these plans is above each other, but plans change quickly. Some causes of changed plan includes unforeseen events such as a death, pregnancy, or loss of employment. My wife and I joke very often how we should never make plans due to issues always arises causes either cancellation or postponing our plans.

What if the plans we have aren’t the same that God has? What if God’s plans go completely against what your plans are? I am not saying that God causes things such as death and unwanted pregnancy. All I can say for sure is what I have seen in my own life. I went from planning based on what I saw, seeing is believing kind of a thing. I also created a narrow path for myself, ministry. That is all I saw, church ministry to be more specific. I honestly couldn’t see myself doing much of anything else.

Luckily for me, God had other plans. I went from the safe zone of Louisiana to Kansas, the uncharted territory of the Andersons. And you know what I have more joy now. God’s plan always works out better than ours. Though the new is scary, it isn’t necessarily bad. The disciples left everything they had to follow Jesus. Something new.  Esther stood before the authority of the King. Something new. David went to war with a giant. Something new.

What new is God bringing you through? Stay blessed my frie…..I FORGOT MY GUMBO!



  1. One thing I’ve learned, we make plans and God laughs then shows up the right way 🙂 Our lives have taken more twists and turns than I care to list. We do our best to keep focused on God and serve Him and love others everywhere we go!

    I Corinthian 15:58

    Thanks for the encouragement this morning.

    Ya’ll need to come over this way and visit soon!

  2. Due to you and your wife’s generosity I enjoyed that gumbo TWICE and maybe forgetting it added the extra touch that made it so excellent. thanks for the blog–and the great costume party too!

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