The Bathroom Spider vs. The Not So Brave Married Couple

There is no hiding my obvious fear of spiders. By spiders I mean all kinds of spiders; little ones, medium ones, large ones. I show no discrimination when it comes to these little monsters. Now fast forward to yesterday. My wife told me early in the morning she saw a spider in the bathtub. I thought nothing of it, since we have a mutual agreement that she kills all spiders and I kill everything else such as snakes.

Later in the day she explained she didn’t kill it due to its size. She then asked me to kill it for her.

Uh, what?

Sure, ask the guy with arachnophobia to confront an arachnid. Well, we both get in the bathroom and just stood in awe of this beast. I mean literal shock and awe. I was consumed with fear. My wife just keeps asking “Where did it come from?” My response, as being as serious possible, was “clearly from hell.”

The strategy of killing this vile thing came about. First, down it. No, it might move too quickly and cause me to cringe like a 6 year old girl. Second, burn it with a combination of light and axe body spray.  No, it might move too quickly and cause me to cringe like a 6 year old girl. Third,  smash it with a large litter jug. I went with the third, and guess what happened. It moved quickly which cause me to not only cringe like a 6 year old girl but also nearly trample over my wife.

So last resort, I grabbed a mat balled it up and smashed that thing. Of course crying as I did so.

Moral of the story, with your spouse’s support you may be able to confront any fear/obstacle. “He who finds a wife finds a good thing.” Proverbs 18:22



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