God’s Sense of Humor

There was a dream in high school which I considered pretty humorous. In this dream I looked through a phone book and found none other than Jesus’ phone number. How could you not call after reading/finding it? So I called and Jesus answered.

“is this Jesus?” I asked

“Oh, hi Damian.”

“How did you know it was me?”

“Psh, dude I’m Jesus.”

I don’t remember too much of the conversation. I’m sure it wasn’t as theological as I would like it to be. We ended up discussed if he and the disciples ever pulled pranks on one another. He replied “Oh yes, Peter gave wedgies. John was the king of wet willies. I peed in the wine.”

I open with this because over the year in my Christian walk I have discovered that God does have a sense of humor. Mainly, because where ever we see our life going is completely opposite than what He has planned for us. There are 3 big occasions in my life that I wish to share with you.

1) I didn’t want to go to Mexico. I really could care less about going. I didn’t have the money nor the interest. I luckily had a few people in my life pushing me into going. After deciding to go get my passport, my car was run off the road and turns out I didn’t have my insurance paper so my car was impounded. All my passport money went straight to that. I explained this to my two friends. They then just threw money out of their wallets for my. Needless to say, I went to Mexico. I LOVED MEXICO!

2)I said that I would never step foot into Elizabeth Memorial Baptist Church. It was mainly because the pastor was kinda rude to me…a lot.  I remember trying to make simple conversation with him since my grandmother was attending the church and he blantly just say, “so…” And he was also my theology professor in seminary who often pointed me out. It was then and right there I declared that I went never step foot into that dead church.

A few years later I was voted in as youth minister to Elizabeth Memorial Baptist Church. Under the leadership of another pastor of course.

Sure I was also asked to resign by the pastor 30 minutes before my work-shift. Sure most of the ideas that I came up with (some which the pastor even said no to) were used after my wife and I left. I still wear my EMBC t-shirt and consider the pastor my friend.

3)I never saw my self outside of Louisiana. Maybe I would be out-of-state for mission trips and vacations. I remember coming home from work feeling utterly defeated. I sat next to my wife and cried. And cried. AND CRIED! I regrettably was accepting that there wasn’t much more for us. Life wouldn’t get better. We were going to be stuck with minimum wage jobs. I could accept that for myself. But not my wife. My wife deserves a better life filled with love, peace, comfort, kids and so forth. We were barely seeing each other. She talked to a friend. Her friend said that their job was always hiring….in Kansas. We were accepted in no time. We made the cultural shift from southern Louisiana to Kansas City, Kansas. It was an odd transition but in the end we love Kansas. The weather, the opportunities, the people, ect. Sure there is no boudin but we are happy.

These are just three examples of how God’s plans were utterly different from ours. In all honesty, I am glad he has different plans because my plans would’ve let me no where. Accepting and following God’s will has led me on an adventure I would’ve never been able to experience living according to Dillard.

What times in your life has God took you on a different course in life? Tell someone about it! Stay Blessed my friends.


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