Waiting Sucks

There is something that each of us yearns for more than a simple want or need but for a lack of better terms, a desire. It will clearly vary from person to person since each of us can be so vastly different from one another. For some it may be an answer from God over a long and very burdensome request or plead, for others it may be food on the table or at least enough to satisfy the entire family, including the dog. It can change from person to person or even be eerily similar.

Your desire will be based on where you are in life. Don’t believe me; look back when you yearned for that something. Was it the better job because you were working 2-3 jobs and still scratching to make ends meet? Was it that 4.0 because you had to measure up to everyone’s standards of the college student of the family? Was it that certain weight that would make him/her notice you more? Was it a friend because you had none? Was it a good memory with a father who was mean and surly?  Was it a vehicle so that you could get away from your no good life? The list could go on. I suffered because of a couple of these. Those are for another time though.

Have you ever cried due to these yearnings?  I’m not talking a tear drop here with a sniffle.  I am speaking of that ugly puckered up face, rivers of tears, loud vocalizations (that sometimes were silent because exhaled so terribly) ,  and snot bubbles. Its serious crying when snot bubbles occur.  Call me crazy (maybe) but I believe that God recognizes those moments as any good father does, and tries to comfort us though it doesn’t always seems to help. I remember having those moments with my wife present, sobbing with my head in her lap because I felt I wouldn’t be anything greater than a pizza boy. I fortunately had a very supportive wife there who would just love me and that would cause some healing. None of us like to wait. I have learned that we like to see results NOW!!! That is why people quit so soon after starting a diet/healthy lifestyle, because those results don’t some soon enough.  I can imagine the frustration of the Israelites in the desert for 40 years. I can imagine God’s people waiting for their king, the messiah, the lord.

Even with those two example I find myself drawn back to 1st Samuel chapter one with the story of Hannah.  She was one of the two wives of Peninniah who wasn’t able to bare children. Peninniah’s other wife was able to have kids and often mocked and looked down on Hannah. I am sure she found some support in the love her husband had for her. But she yearned for a child. She desired to be a mother. Now in this age being barren, unable to have children, was seen as a curse due to sin. There was no “cure” like we have in our day and age. If you weren’t able to have children, you wouldn’t have children (however I am unfamiliar with the idea of adoption in these circumstances). You know what happened. She cried and pleaded and begged and bargained and promised and prayed and…had faith. And guess what happened. The next day she was pregnant! No. The next week she was pregnant! No.

Scripture tell us “in due time she bore a son” (1 Sam. 1:20). In tells us in time her prayer was answered. It could’ve been weeks, or months or even years. We don’t know. But what we know is God answered her in her time of deepest yearning. We often hear that God’s timing is perfect. I believe that. I can personally testify to that. But aren’t some yearning such as materialism wrong. Yes, I believe that some people will have desires that are outside of God’s will, and He doesn’t answer those accordingly. But with that aside, perhaps you do have a desire that is heard by God through your prayer and I can assure you that God will answer. But his answer comes “in due time.” Stay blessed.


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