When the first Red film was released I was a bit skeptical on the premise of it. The trailer looked like a real goofy movie. I honestly  had no interest in watching it. And then one year for Christmas it was in my stocking thanks to my wife, so needless to say i had to watch it. It was on of the best light hearten action films I had ever seen. So when RED 2 was announced you bet I was going to see how it held up.

Now what is one word that can sum up this film? Fun. It practically sums up the entire film. Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, and Mary-Louise Parker once again are a hilarious combination on the silver scene. The scenarios are hilarious, the premise is more high risk, and the villains are charmingly entertaining.  All in all it is a well written film.

Frank (Willis), Marvin (Malkovich), Sarah (Parker), and Victoria (Helen Mirren) are all thrown back into the life of covert ops when a mysterious chemical bomb operation is discovered with Marvin and Frank’s name included on it. Along with clearing their names via discovering the bomb’s location with the help of Anthony Hopkins, who is just incredible and awesome in his role and also the creator of the bomb, they have to deal with a hit man played by  Byung-hun Lee.

Willis does very well portraying Frank as man wanting a peaceful life while his girlfriend Sarah is wanting a life of adventure. Parker’s performance of Sarah is the show stealing for this movie, I’m not sure if it is just the writing of the character or her portrayal. Every time she is on screen is easily becomes the limelight; her gestures, facial reactions, her calmness, her jokes, she overshadows all other performances in the movie. Malcovich is the same as the previous film, extremely convincing as crazy Marvin who honestly says unfunny jokes but because of the character he portrays the jokes come out funny.(For example, What happens in Kremlin stay in Kremlin.)

Now the action in this film is alot more…colorful and loud. In other words, very much different than in RED, though it had some good aaction as well. The action in RED 2 is more over the top with Kung Fu fighting ( which everybody loves), car chases, and exploding planes. Now the car chase seen did go over the top and did use some CGI (which I am not a fan of) and probably killed a poor trucker courtesy of our heroes.

Now the problem with the film is the predictability. You can’t help but see everything coming ahead of time; the twist, the outcome, villain turn good guy. It is highly predictable which does harm the entertainment value of the product sense if never allows you wonder but instead makes you go ohh ahh at the action scenes and making you laugh at the hilarity of the situations.

This might be a pet peeve of mine but i really don’t like product placement in films. This is where they will show a the product of a company that helps in endorsing the film. In the movie for example Frank Moses uses Pringles to set a trap and have to go though a Papa Johns. Though this does make for some funny moments, it is still a bit annoying. A bit of nic picking, i know.

At certain point they use an unique transitioning format when changing locations from city/country to city/country by changing the scene to comic book style drawing. This fits in well since it is a comic book based film.

RED 2 is as action fill and laughter filled once again creating a film that does well blending humor and serious moods. Though the film runs a little long and does to seem to drag on a bit at times I would still recommend RED to any fan of action comedies.


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